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composers, with no age or nationality limits



three selected participants will win 1.000 euros each, for the composition of a piece for small ensemble, based on parts or all of the text La Ballata della Vucchiara, ovvero tutto il miele è finito! by R. Giura Longo (link to text extracts - the complete text, with English and French translation, will be sent to the winners);

the commissioned works will be performed in a concert which will take place in Matera in spring 2021;

the winners who will want to be present to the concert and to the last rehearsals will be offered free hospitality for three days in Matera and a maximum contribution of 200€ each for travel expenses

special reward for young local talent: a local composer (region Basiicata) of age below 35 will be rewarded 1.000 euros for the commission of a piece composed for the whole ensemble (sextet); this reward is offered by the Archivio Storiografico Raffaele Giura Longo.




the winners will be chosen by an international jury based on two or three previous compositions for small ensemble, with or without text, published or unpublished, which must be sent at the moment of application;

jury's decisions are unquestionable;

the names of the winners will be communicated by 15 of September 2020.




the jury is composed by:

Vinko Globokar – president     composer (Paris)                        bio

Michelle Agnes Magalhães     composer (Brasil/Paris)             bio

Mauro Lanza                                composer (Venice/Berlin)        bio

Tim Parkinson                             composer (London)                   bio

Ernst H. Papier                            composer (Paris/Lausanne)    bio




the four selected composers will write for the musicians of the ensemble Concavo&Convesso;

they can choose scoring from trio to sextet, with all the in-between possibilities;

the duration of the piece must be limited to 15 minutes maximum;

they will be able to contact the interpreters during the whole period of composing



deadline (score and parts)  : 15th of Mars 2021


the ensemble Concavo&Convesso is composed of 6 musicians, famous for their activity of interpreting "adventurous" contemporary music (wandering style, which navigates among the definitions of experimental music, theatrical, minimalist, opere aperte, graphic scores, etc...)

Alessandra Giura Longo      voice, flutes (Paris/Cagliari)

Michele Lomuto (Bari)

e Cosimo Gargiulo (Napoli) trombone

Pierre-Stéphane Meugé      saxophones (Paris/Lausanne)

Françoise Rivalland               zarb, santour, cymbalom and unpitched skins and metals


Silvia Tarozzi                            violin (Modena)

Deborah Walker                    cello (Paris/Bonn)

all the members of the ensemble can also use their voice

and/or different sounding objects.




1) application form here  or Home Page       BEFORE 15th of JULY 2020


2) Maximum three scores of pieces of their own production for small ensemble, if possible with voices, published or unpublished – pdf via application form


3) 20 euros application fee to be paid

- by PayPal account here


- by bank transfer to the IBAN of ARTEría association, Matera, specifying the reason: "application Concavo&Convesso"

IT94Q 05387 16101 000007000391 






  for any question or application technical problems


contact form


or e-mail